How should I send my files and in what file format?

We can print from a high resolution PDF, TIFF, JPG. It's also helpful to send your native files along with the print file in a package that includes the images and fonts you used to create it. You can send them by clicking on the "SEND FILES" button, or email them to info@quickcolorsolutions.com.

How can I ensure that my project will print well?

Make sure all images are at least 300 dpi, outline your type and make all drawings vector art. If your project bleeds, be sure to include .125" of bleed on all sides of the document. To ensure none of your type will get cut off, it's helpful to set a margin of .125" for type. Sending along your native file with your high resolution print file helps us fix issues in your files and ensures the best quality possible. We're only a phone call away to help you with any questions you have. 336.698.0951

How do I set up bleeds and crop marks in my Adobe Native Files?
How to set up document bleeds:

INDESIGN: File Document Setup > More options > Bleed: 0.125" Extend your background / Images to the bleed indicator lines

ILLUSTRATOR: Document Setup > Bleeds: 0.125" Extend your background / Images to the bleed indicator lines

PHOTOSHOP: Make your document size .25" larger on the width and the height (NO bleed options available here)

How to save crop marks onto your pdf:

INDESIGN: Command E > Save as an adobe PDF print > Press Quality > Check both Crop Marks (.125") and Bleeds (.125")

ILLUSTRATOR: File > Save as > Adobe PDF > Press Quality > Check both Marks: Trim Marks (.125") and Bleeds: Use Bleed Settings, under output, select no color conversion to retain PMS colors

PHOTOSHOP: File > Save as a Photoshop PDF > Press Quality (no option to save with crop marks here)


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